Item no.: 099

Item 099

Item 099 in MC

Informal name: The Rock Of Killing

Classification: Medium

Item 099 is a rock that is red, with a hue that looks like blood, rust or red paint. At touch, Item 099 turns the subject into a much more dangerous version of themselves.

In MCEdit

Item 099 is a red rock that gives the player nausea and instant damage. When the player is eventually killed by touching it the Item spawns either an Item 099-B or a hostile mob in its place. it might also create another Item if touched by these things: Item 085-B turns into an:Item 085-A with wings(Hostile) Baby TS: Item 006-AB. The item 099 can be thrown if taken off pedestal. Item 099 is in a 10 by 10 block wide titanium room.